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Hillingdon Triathlete Coaching Bursaries

Hillingdon Triathletes Coach Bursaries

It has been decided that the ​Hillingdon Triathletes Club​ will offer financial assistance to those wishing to become accredited triathlon coaches with the British Triathlon Federation.  Depending on numbers the club is prepared to offer part funding of up to ​50% of the course fee costs of a Level 1 Coach and 50% towards a Level 2 (this does not include materials, travel or time).

In return any candidate receiving assistance is expected to assist with the club coaching programme on a best efforts basis, helping out at swim or on other occasions as occasional cover.  If you are considering taking a Level 3 qualification or are part way through then please get in contact with the committee who can discuss whether or not financial assistance might be available.

In addition if an applicant is a resident of Hillingdon Borough Council it is also sometimes possible to access grant funding for the undertaking of coaching awards.  Where a candidate is successful at obtaining a council grant then the Club will offer funding at the same levels for the remainder of the fees. It is expected that the candidate will bear at least a portion of the cost themselves or through non club resources.

Full details about the coaching levels can be found below:

L1, £335 (suitable for coaching under a club coach or level 2 / 3 coach​). This is a minimum level of committment to coaching and details of the likely hours can be found on the link provided.​

L2, £550 (suitable for taking group sessions and or supervising a level 1 coach). The requirement and committment to this level of qualification is not unsubstantial.  Being in the club means that you have access to athletes who might want coaching as part of your ongoing training for this qualification​.

L3, £1,260 (top award suitable for those seeking a career in triathlon coaching or the seriously committed)

If you do fancy becoming a coach or are already a coach and want to bring your skills to triathlon, then you are advised to visit to find a suitable course from those around the country. 

The BTF has also introduced a coaching hub for all coaches that acts as an online resource and provides access to some of the best coaching materials in the world.  Other providers like Swim Smooth also have paid for Apps that give access to training programmes and other coaching resources for anybody.

Paul Gardner would be happy to talk any potential interested parties through the process and benefits. Just drop him a line or see him at swimming.



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