Club Officers:

  • Chairman: Dave Wardle
  • Vice Chairs: John Levison & Jacqui Burke 
  • Treasurer: Mandy Beuselinck
  • Vice treasurer: Colin Lowen
  • General Secretary: Andrzej Warhaftig
  • Membership Secretary: Danny Attias
  • Welfare Officer: Carolyn Hawkins
  • Safety Officer: Brian Tierney
  • Risk Assessment: Pat Wardle
  • Webmaster: Wayne Faithfull
  • Captain Male: Simon Claridge
  • Captain Female: Holly Grundon
  • Social Secretary: Natalie Wickings & Freya Hollingworth
  • Coaching development: Paul Gardner
  • West London Combine: Jaccob Gloor
  • Kit Manager: Jaqui Burke
  • Time keeper: John Brockhouse
  • LB of Hillingdon Liason Officer: Yolanda Gutteridge
  • Access Officer: Carolyn Hawkins
  • Volunteer & Marshal Coordinator: Annie Birch
  • Womens Coaching Coordinator: Caroline Whittaker



  • Level 2 Coaches:
    • Dave Wardle (all)
    • Leslie Levison (swimming)
    • Vanessa Taylor (swimming)
    • Boo Smith (swimming)
    • Paul Gardner (swim and cycle)
    • Amy Claridge (swimming)
    • Clark Schofield (cycling)
    • John Levison (all)
    • Dave Newman (running)
  • Level 3 Coach: Jo Lewis (all)


Race Officials: The following are qualified race officials, and cover both Hillingdon and other events:

  • Andrzej Warhaftig (National Technical Official)
  • Dave Wardle (Regional Technical Official)
  • Lesley Levison (Regional Technical Official)
  • Boo Smith (Local Technical Official)
  • Mandy Beuselinck (Local Technical Official)
  • Rowan Savage (Local Technical Official)

Volunteering: The club is always seeking the support of volunteers at events.


Further details of some of our coaching team:

  • Dave Wardle - Chairman, Founder and Honorary Life Member
    • GB Age Grouper, Level II British Triathlon Coach and British Amateur Athletic Board Club Coach
    • Provides group coaching and technique sessions at all levels from novice to Age Group elite
    • Dave has been in the sport since the early 1980s and is a founder and Honorary Life member of Hillingdon Triathletes
    • Served as a committee member and chair of the London Region.
  • Paul Gardner
    • GB Age Grouper and Level II British Triathlon Coach
    • Provides group coaching and technique sessions on a one to one basis at all levels from novice to Age Group elite
    • BTF Open Water qualified and specialises in technique for improved triathlon swimming at many venues in the South East
    • Paul offers Watt Bike power and technique sessions and through