Detailed Job Descriptions can be found here 

Club Officers:

  • Chair: Jacqui Burke
  • Vice Chair: Martin Wilson
  • Vice Chair : James Snell
  • Event Organiser : Martin Wilson
  • General Secretary: CJ Carpenter
  • Head Coach: Caroline Whittaker
  • Special Projects Manager - Sarah Williams
  • Time Trial Organiser : Mark Eidem
  • Treasurer: Colin Lowen
  • Webmaster : Paul Williams 
  • Welfare Officer: Chris Marchand


  • Club Captain : Jason Taylor
  • Contact Administration: Alison North
  • Marketing Officer : Mark Krull
  • Master of Ceremonies - Rob Finnigan
  • Media Secretary : Bridget Elliott
  • Membership / Events Secretary: Tom Howells / Dan Crow
  • Race Director : James Snell
  • Safety Officer: Martin Wilson
  • Special Events Coordinator: John Levison
  • Timekeeper: Mark Eidem / Dan Crow

Non-commitee Admin Roles

  • Volunteer & Marshal Coordinators: Tricia Mulvee & Chris Marchand
  • Kit Coordinator: Jacqui Burke
  • Minet Park Liaison - Fiona Day
  • Speaker Podcast Coordinator - Nigel Ribeiro
  • Swim/Run Time Trials - Lin Li
  • Swimming Register - Shona Brownlee
  • West London Combine Coordinator - Jacob Gloor

Non-elected, non-voting

  • President: Dave Wardle
  • External Communications: Andrzej Warhaftig


 Matt Adcock  BTF Level 1
 Sandra Barden  BTF Level 3
   ActiveIQ L4 Personal Trainer
   BTF Age Group Team Manager
 Simon Claridge  ASA Level 2 swim coach
 Vikki d'Arcy  British Cycling Level 1
 Michael Donovan  BTF Level 2
 Paul Jackson  NOWCA/ STA open water swim coach Level 2
 John Laird  BTF Level 1
 Lesley Levison  BTF Level 2
 Jordan Mason  Degree in Physical Education
   Swim Teacher Certification L1 & L2
 Sylwia Radomska  BTF Level 2
 Przemek Radomski  BTF Level 2
 Anita Sheehan  BTF Level 1
 Alison Smith  BTF Level 2
   STA L2 Open Water Swim Instructor
   Austswim Swim Instructor 
   Training Peaks Coach Level 2
   REPS L4 Personal Trainer
   PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach
 Boo Smith  BTF Level 2
   STA open water swim coach Level 2
   RLSS open water lifeguard
 James Snell  BTF Level 1
   STA Full swimming teacher
   STA Open Water Coach Level 2
   Indoor cycling instructor
   Mountain Bike Coaching UK ride leader
 Dave Wardle  Level 2 BTF 2015/16
   ASA Swim teachers plus lifeguard teachers 1976
   BAAB running club coach 1976
   BTF race referee/technical official
   GB Age Grouper, Level II British Triathlon Coach
   British Amateur Athletic Board Club Coach
 Caroline Whittaker  BTF Level 2 Diploma
   BTF Level 2 
   British Cycling Level 2 ride leader
   Diploma in sports and exercise medicine
 Paul Williams  BTF Level 2 Diploma
   BTF Level 2
   BTF Strength & Conditioning 
 Sarah Williams  BTF Level 2 Diploma
   BTF Level 2 
   BTF Strength & Conditioning 
 Martin Wilson  BTF Level 2

Race Officials: The following are qualified race officials, and cover both Hillingdon Triathletes and other events:

  • Andrzej Warhaftig (National Technical Official)
  • Dave Wardle (Regional Technical Official)
  • Lesley Levison (Regional Technical Official)
  • Boo Smith (Regional Technical Official)
  • Mark Eidem British Cycling Regional CX Commissaire

Volunteering: The club is always seeking the support of volunteers at events