Aquathon Race 4 Reporrt


Aquathlon Race 4

Well, the last Aquathlon race this season was always going to be special!

We were back to the Lido & the trail run around the gravel paths in the surrounding fields.

The weather all day had been atrocious, with people asking if we were still going ahead – of course we were, we are not put off by a smidge of rain!

In fairness, at one stage it looked like we would need Noah’s skills to get there & maybe Moses to pave the way to the leisure centre entrance, such was the size of the lake that had formed in the car park!

As always, our advance crew had set up the registration area, the volunteers were getting their final instructions & the race directors & technical officers were doing their bit – it is always ‘go go go’ for this awesome team!

And a big shout out to everyone who came down to volunteer, marshal, time-keep & generally do their bit. In the biblical conditions on the day it would have been so easy for people to pull out, but they didn’t – they turned up & did their bit. Big KUDOS to all who helped.

Again, as before, the evening was split into Sprint & Super-Sprint, with the Sprinters going off first.

We used the snake swim format again as it worked so well last time, and all racers went off at 20” intervals based on recent swim times.

Just as MC Finnigan was about to start the race briefing, the very sad news came through that our beloved Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. A minutes silence was impeccably observed by all, and perhaps rather fittingly, the rain began to fall once more.

Instructions imparted, it was time for the Sprinters to line up & get ready for the swim – hopefully the pool was warmer than the outside air temp, it being a non-wetsuit swim!

The seconds counted down & we were off, 15 lengths of the lido. The temp was actually lovely once you got into the water, and with Sylwia helping the swimmers to get acclimatised, everyone went off calm & ready to race.

And just like that, it was over! Onto the run!

A beast of a 5k, 3 times up the hill, the downhill now presenting a different challenge – the grass was so slippery!

Around the cones, collect your lap bands, and go again.

Twice more.


Back at the lido, the Super-Sprinters were ready to go, 400m between them & a 2.5k run!

The rain was still falling, albeit not as harsh as before – the sun shines on the righteous? Yeah, right – I saw the start list!

Again, a 20” interval separated the swimmers & the water was turning white with furious feet churning up the lanes.

Quick as a flash, the first swimmers were onto the run, through the car park, down the hill & onto the gravel path.

The Sprinters were finishing now, the finish line becoming busier as more people came across, chest out for those vital few seconds!


The darkness was beginning to descend & with it the lights came out.

One by one, we crossed the line & made our way back to the lido for the awards presentation.


The full results will be out presently, but congrats to all the winners announced on the night & to all who participated.


Our next seasons races will be announced in the coming months, but if you want your season to finish with a flourish, our last events this are the always popular Train Quest at the Old Orchard in Harefield on 11th October – post event attendance mandatory!


Our season ending Autumn Duathlon at Minet Park


on 13th November is fun for all of the family & as cheap as chips!


Hopefully we’ll welcome you to one of these events to whet your appetite for all that next season holds!