Success at Triathlon England Awards


Are you sitting comfortably? 

Yet again our Club have been busy winning awards. No sooner have we returned from meeting Royalty at a national awards ceremony in Leeds, we are now celebrating our own Queen of Volunteers and relishing in success as a Club and our contribution to the triathlon arena.

Volunteer of the Year- and the London winner is...... Natalia Radmomska 

London suggested for the Volunteer of the Year it may be the turn of a junior for 2024. Step forward Natalia. An easy submission for the club, as we all know her and regularly see her competing or helping out. Only a few days ago a tray of sandwiches in one hand and finisher prizes in the other. Her parents must be so proud (sorry cannot remember their names). Natalia you are a credit to your generation and to us as a Club. Congratulations.

Outstanding Contribuition Award - and the London winner is...... Hillingdon Triathletes 

 Founded in 1986 by Dave Wardle and Andrzej Warhaftig the club has been instrumental in leading the way for Tri clubs both at regional and national level. Over 1000 events organised in that time, charity donations, social events and known for it's success and longevity throughout the country. More recently Jacqui Burke has led the Club's growth as we came out of the pandemic. Bucking the trend with membership growth, high participation rates and awards by the bucket load and of course our Super League competition.
In both these categories we now represent London at the National Awards which will be announced in April.

So fingers crossed for Natalia and us as a Club as we step forward to go head to head with the other regions within England.