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Aquathlon Super Sprint Sprint


These events are swim / run format. There are 2 distances available at each of the 4 events - Main Sprint event - 750m swim & approx 5k run, or the shorter option - Super Sprint consisting of a 400m swim & approx 2.5k run.

Currently Events 1 & 4  are at Hillingdon Sports & Leisure Complex and are 750m/400m swim in the outdoor pool followed by an approx 5k/2.5k run on grass.

At Hillingdon Sports & Leisure complex, the swim is a 'Snake Swim', all swimmers going off at 20" intervals depending on their predicted swim speed to complete 15 lengths for the Sprint and 8 lengths of the pool for the Super Sprint.

The run is an out and back course, giving competitors plenty of opportunity to see the position of their opponents. This also gives your families plenty of opportunities to cheer you on!

Events 2 & 3 are at Merchant Taylors School lake & the swim is 750m/400m Open Water, following their established course & the run is an approx 4.6k and 2.3k run, approximately twice around the lake for 4.6km, once for the 2.3k Super Sprint event, again with plenty of opportunities for supporters to cheer you on!. Note that Event 3 is being run by Active Training World and they are using a slightly longer run course at 2.7km for the Super Sprint Distance. This event must be entered directly via their website here 

Don't forget to use the 15% discount that's available from ATW. To obtain the discount code, log into the Members Only Discount page here 

Entries will close one week before the date of the race (or beforehand if sold out). No late entries allowed. 

Why not enter the Series and get yourself a discount and you'll see how much you improve during the season. If entering the races individually then the prices will be £20 for BTF members and £25 for non BTF members.


Please see the website for our refunds policy -

Also, please check that after 29th August 2023 that you are ULEZ compliant, as events are in the ULEZ expansion zone - ULEZ check

Aquathlon - Hillingdon Triathletes no-group

  • 18/07/2024, 19:15

    Aquathlon Event 2 - Sprint

    750m Swim 4.6k Run
    £20.00 - £25.00
  • 15/08/2024, 19:15

    Aquathlon Event 4 - Sprint

    750m Swim 5k Run
    £20.00 - £25.00
  • 18/07/2024, 19:15

    Aquathlon Event 2 - Super Sprint

    400m Swim 2.3k Run
    £20.00 - £25.00
  • 15/08/2024, 19:15

    Aquathlon Event 4 - Super Sprint

    400m Swim 2.5k Run
    £20.00 - £25.00